_ Greenery On Loan _

Greenery On Loan was an installation consisting of about 100 hand-cut mirrors placed on tree stubs in an area about 500m2. When walking in the forest and meeting this installation you could see the light glimmering, the rain gathering on the mirror surfaces. It was showing the sky and the growing trees crowns… or your face. It could even be seen as a critical voice. The installation was about existential questions, about light in the tree stubs as a metaphor. It could even raise questions about clearcutting, about industrial forest how human is treating the nature for economical profit.

Greenery On Loan was installed for 5 years, 2012-2016. The season’s changes and the daily weather gave new experience each time when walking along the path.

BAREFOOT PATH  is located on the island of Korppoo in Turku Archipelago. The Barefoot Path is an exhibition since 2012 that focuses on environmental and Site-Specific Art. It invites the public to take part in the unique nature of the archipelago and experience contemporary art that has been created to interact with the environment. Every year from June to September the exhibition explores the human-nature relationship and natures impact on us in one way or another.