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AARK Summer Greetings from Korpo Island


Just to let you know, we could open our doors in June for residents living in Finland. AARK has been filled with artists and researchers from all disciplines, visual art, music, sound and writers. Several international artists had to cancel due to covid times. Welcome, when ever its possible to travel from abroad again! Just email us, lets keep optimism and make a plan for future. Hope you all keep safe and that we all are going towards lighter times!

About applications, you can contact me any time. Email: info at aark.fi

AARK yard view
After Midnight. View by AARK.

Stay Safe – lets keep distance for a while!

AARK Renja Leino & Benkku

We also keep some distance and wish you all the best till we see again! This is serious times – so the photo is taken before. Finland is closed! With love from Korpo island / AARK.
Be well and stay safe, everyone!
25.3.2020, Renja & Benkku

AARK Archipelago Art Residency in Korpo
About all residency periods, let’s make a new plan when its safe to travel again! Just contact us: info at aark.fi

AARK art project for almost 6 years

AARK, my biggest art project

My biggest art project is definitely AARK which we founded with my husband Benkku over 5 years ago. We strongly believed in our idea and wanted to create a space for several artists from all disciplines to have a residency on our home island. We focus on a dialogue inside the residency and with the surrounding archipelago nature and of course with the local little community. AARK gives a lot of positive energy and positive signals from this former ferry staff family house in Retais Ferry shore.

We are supported by Svenska kulturfonden, TAIKE, Parainen, Sparbanksstiftelsen i Korpo