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Being is a long term Hasselblad photography project. A subjective documentation about one strange building. Exhibitions in Finland. Photographs c-prints and videos Yellow Being, 2005 and Being, 2012.

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“…The dome is not transparent or everlasting. It can be punctured, it is a subject that can literally be emptied out. Its folds and wrinkles are halfway between empty and full, between space and surface.”

Just one shot – essey by Harri Laakso, DA
  • The book Being- Olio was published in 2008 by Kustannus TAIDE www.taidelehti.fi / ISBN 978-951-608-080-5

Introduction text by Renja Leino, 2008

I was sitting on a bus watching the scenery go by, when suddenly a strange building flashed before my eyes. The next time I passed the same place I was ready to take a better look at the object. The bubble-shaped building was still there but somehow altered.

I gradually got into the habit of seeing how the bubble was doing. It really had a life of its own. I began to see meanings in the changing light and surfaces. One day it lay flat on the ground. This made me extremely aware of the limits of our time. Also, about the necessity of photographing something when it still is because next moment it might be gone.

The sheer visual pleasure and strange symbolism of the object eventually led me to pull my car and start shooting pictures of it. The snow was particularly intriguing; the changes take place in seconds.

The light itself is stunning, and the constant state of change around us is fascinating. Photography makes all these changes visible – our visual memory is limited.

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