_ Absent minds _

Absent Minds: 2005-2015 by mobile phone camera

Exhibition view, LOGOMO

Fascination and frustration are some words to describe my feelings as a starting point to this series of photographs. For quite a long time I have been looking at people working by their computers, watching TV, playing PlayStation games.

It is almost the same, a strange expression on their face when they are inside a world of their own; faces in foreign landscape.

They are often serious; sometimes some familiar feelings can be visible on their faces. People are for sure physically present, but somehow their mind is absent. The source, the box with electricity, pixels, magical light, some kind of Camera Obscura or Lucida, is catching their full concentration.

The phenomenon is global. No national borders exist when surfing abroad and around. Imaginary landscapes are visited, even real human contacts are made through the earth. All this happens within seconds.

My new work is a study on this phenomenon of our time. For me it is not clear at all where all these electronic signals and impulses of light are leading us. Digital media is filling our rooms and our minds: The question is, with what. ( text from catalog, 2009)

Renja Leino:

Psychosis – Investigations Of The Human Mind
Cur. Joakim Granit
Part II: I Is Someone Else
Färgfabriken, Contemporary Art Hall,
Stockholm. 2013.