AARK is a non profit Artist-Run, independent artist residency run by a small family team. We cooperate with local people and professional artists. So far about 140 international artists has been working at AARK, usually 1-3 months. 

The Residency was founded in late 2014 by the visual artist Renja Leino and her husband Bengt Andersson.

Renja Leino is the artistic director & coordinator for AARK.

She answers your email at:  info@aark.fi

Some island trees

AARK is supported by

Sparbanksstiftelsen i Korpo

Would you like to support us?

Email us:  info@aark.fi

Bank: Nauvon OP
Address: SOMMARTORGET 1, 21660 NAUVO, Finland
FI40 5560 0920 0269 61 

Find us at   AARK .fi