I am a visual artist working with multidisciplinary mediums, mainly photography, video and installation. I focus on contemporary phenomenon as digital invasion and its influence into our lives, as well as existential questions on the complex relationship between The Wild and the Human.

Nature doesn’t care. It Is.

Ever since my childhood summer holidays, the Turku Archipelago Sea and the islands, forest and the surrounding nature have all been very dear to me. Today I have been living on Korpo island for almost 30 years – the distance, the silence and the nature itself has strongly influenced my thinking and practice. Over the years this has become visible in several bodies of work.

To keep our island interesting all year round our family founded AARK – Archipelago Art Residency in Korpo – in late autumn 2014. I am the coordinator and director of our residency. Please see our website at www.aark.fi . We are on Facebook and Instagram. #aarkfi

I am also a senior lecturer in photography, Fine Arts, at Turku University of Applied Sciences, Arts Academy, since 1998-.

Renja Leino and her work from series Just Anybody.
Me with my work from series mobile motives Just Anybody. Digital print on canvas 1997/ 2017

Currently I am focusing on the nature and the state of the Archipelago Sea and its changes. Nature and wild animals are present in my latest works. Birds Pub Vol 1.- Vol.3. videos and photographs.

Renja Leino:
The Wild. photograph 2013